Houston Select Soccer Academy

Houston Select Soccer Academy is a competitive outdoor soccer academy serving the Houston and Katy area. 

 We utilize our indoor soccer facilities at Memorial Indoor Soccer Academy to develop highly technical skilled soccer players. 

We are focused on developing youth technical players with the highest quality of training on the field.Our program progresses from basic to very advanced soccer techniques. 

We develop the technical, physical and mental areas of soccer while giving personal attention to the individual player. We are one of the few, if not the only, youth academy in Houston to have multiple indoor and outdoor training facilities.  

2019 Houston Select Team Tryouts


If you are interested in the type of training we offer, we strongly encourage players to register for a training session. We offer Day Camps throughout the year which players can attend. 

Our main tryouts for ages U12 and under have already taken place in September.  We may still have spots opened in any given age and are always looking for talented players.

We are currently looking for players born in: Boys and Girls 2012 / 2011 ADP (Advanced Development Program) Girls born 2004-2012 Competitive Teams Boys 2004 Competitive Teams

if you are interested, please contact Coach Mario Gonzalez mario@memorialindoor.com 

Outdoor try out form



1122 Dairy Ashford St, Houston, Texas 77079, United States

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