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Every soccer player has specific areas of their game that they need to work on in order to take their game to the next level. Whether it is strengthening their weaker foot, improving defensively, making successful long passes, or improving their first touch; there are certain things that simply can’t be worked on in large groups.


After every 5 private training, each player will be given a player evaluation from Level 1 to Level 5 according to skills and understanding specific to their birth year. Once a player is at a level 5, he has mastered all skills specific to his birth year. Then he/she would be ready for more advanced classes. 

 Advanced ball mastery, speed and agility and perfecting the basics of trapping, passing, and shooting will be included. A minimum of 5 classes is recommended which allow our professional trainers to create a player evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.  

Every birth year we start over with new skills and new goals for each player. Please send inquiries to or call 713.822.2758 to book a session. Sessions last 60 minutes. 

*For ages 4-7 years the private classes are 30 minutes ($35). 

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*For ages 4-7 years the private classes are 30 minutes ($35).

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(Boys and Girls, ages 2-5) is the advanced introductory indoor soccer program for children. Our unique Program is designed to build motor skills, life skills, self-confidence and basic soccer techniques. Our proven methods and age-appropriate curriculum enhances each child’s learning experience while leaving a lasting impression. 


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